As an IB World School, Fernway is required to have policies for 1) use of language; 2) purposes and principles of assessments.  We have elected to add essential agreements for 3) staff meetings and common planning time; 4) ensuring academic honesty; and 5) maintenance of portfolios.  We also have written technology policies and have collaborated to write a Special Needs Policy at the district level.
These policies were written and discussed with a policy writing team during several meetings, shared with the Building Leadership Team, then adopted by the entire staff in December, 2011, revised and readopted in December of 2016.

In several cases, the policies have been revisited and revised.  For example, during our authorization visit, the verification team suggested alterations to the format (not content) of the language and assessment policies.  Thus, the rewriting went through the same procedure as the original policy development: drafting, BLT approval, adoption by the whole staff.     
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