Woodbury School Counselor

The purpose of the School Counseling Program at Woodbury Elementary is to benefit students’ academic, social, physical, emotional, socio-economic status, and career development, as well as accurately and thoughtfully inform and support parents and guardians with the services of the program.  

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Hello Shaker Families,

I have created a google classroom that your child is able to access.  The code is 720h3c3.  They can use my classroom to watch a Powtoon video that I created that describes what I do here at Woodbury.  It will also give them suvery's and lessons that we will work on together that discusses empathy, bullying etc.  If you should have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.  

Thank you!


Mark Lenczewski
Guidance Counselor
Office: 216-295-4174 
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