Woodbury Student Clubs

Woodbury staff acts as advisors for lunchtime and after school activities. Parental involvement opportunities are available. Lunchtime activities begin in September. After-School activities begin once late buses are scheduled, also in September. Late buses depart at 4 p.m. and are available for bus riders on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday.
Dates and times for clubs and activities are subject to change.

African American Scholars (Female & Male)
Mr. Larry Miller – miller_l@shaker.org – 6th grade boys
Ms. Darlene Garrison – garrison_d@shaker.org – 6th grade girls
Mrs. Thomas-Taylor – Thomas_c@shaker.org – 5th grade girls
Mrs. Darlene Lipovic – lipovic_d@shaker.org – 6th grade girls
Days/Time: Meets one day a week after school
Profile: Specific requirements must be met
5th & 6th grade minority students may be selected to participate in the African-American Female or Male Scholars programs based on academic requirements, demonstration of leadership potential and staff recommendation. Students must submit a personal statement and return a permission slip signed by a parent. Students will participate in leadership activities, family events and community service projects. Parental involvement is encouraged to share knowledge, experiences and accomplishments as well as facilitating social events.

Art Club
Advisors: Mrs. Deanna Clemente Milne – clemente_d@shaker.org
Mr. Robert Bognar – bognar_r@shaker.org
Days/Time: Fall & Spring Sessions - Meets one day a week after school
Do you like to create and use lots of different materials? This may be the club for you.
Big Brothers/Sisters Orchestra Club
Advisor: Mr. Michael McDonough - mcdonough_m@shaker.org
Days/Time: Wednesday, 5th and 6th graders after school
Profile: Woodbury orchestra mentoring program provides string players with an opportunity to improve their skills while forming close relationships with high school-aged mentors. 
Character in Action
Mr. Richard Hicks – hicks_r@shaker.org
Mr. Todd Keitlen – keitlen_t@shaker.org 
Profile: Invitation by 5th Grade or 6th Grade Principal. 5th & 6th grade boys are invited by an administrator to participate in discussions to explore issues that affect their lives today as well as making future choices. The discussion group meets during lunch to assist them with developing and maintaining positive social interactions and decision-making skills. Basketball sessions are held after school and boys may only attend this session if they have attended the prior weeks’ discussion session.
Coders Club 
Advisor: Mr. Jason Bednar - bednar_j@shaker.org
Days/Time: Thursdays after school, Room 323
Profile: Students will develop coding skills and create products through Google CS, First, Tynker and Khan Academy.
Crazy Puzzles
Advisor: Ms. Bethamie Portner – portner_b@shaker.org
Days/Time: Monday through Friday during lunch
Profile: 6th grade students have the opportunity to challenge their problem solving and visual reasoning skills by completing puzzles.
Dungeons and Dragons
Advisor: Ms. Desmarie Carter, carter_d@shaker.org
Days/Time: Wednesdays after school, 5th and 6th grade, room 206
Profile: Interactive game of imagination and creativity. 
Fiddle Factory
Advisor: Nicole Clouser, clouser_n@shaker.org
Days/Time: Tuesdays after school
Profile: Please review this information sheet. Fiddle Factory will begin on Tuesday, September 19 in the Orchestra Room. Students are eligible to participate if they are experienced violin, viola, cello and bass players with knowledge of the D, G, and C Major Scales. Fiddle Factory will explore music from many genre's: Some styles include but not are not limited to: Irish, Scottish, Celtic and American Fiddle Tunes, bluegrass, jazz and pop tunes.
Friendship Bracelet Club
Advisor: Nicole Litterst, litterst_n@shaker.org
Days/Times: Wednesday/Thursday lunchtime/recess, 6th grade only
Location: Room 328 
Profile: Come make a bracelet and meet a few new friends during recess time. 
Game Club
Advisor: Mrs. Heather Pincoe – pincoe_h@shaker.org
Days/Time: Tuesday during lunch
Profile: 5th grade students can enjoy lunch with their friends while playing UNO, 24, Boggle and more!
Geography Bee
Advisors: Ms. Jessica Stephens – stephens_j@shaker.org and Mr. Lloyd Brooks - brooks_lo@shaker.org
Days/Time: January during lunch
Profile: 5th & 6th grade students. Individual Classroom Bees take place in December where the top two finishers from each Classroom Bee’s compete in a semi-finalist Grade Level Bee in January. Once the semi-finalists from each grade level are chosen, a final All School Bee is held where both 5th and 6th grade finalists compete against one another. The Grade Level Bee’s as well as the All School Bee’s are held during lunch periods and parents are invited to attend. The top Woodbury finisher will complete a 50 question multiple choice state qualifier test for the opportunity to compete as a state semi-finalist.
Girl Talk (6th grade girls only)
Advisor: Mrs. Litterst - litterst_n@shaker.org
Days/Time: lunchtime Tuesday and Thursday, Room 328 
Profile: A safe place for 6th grade girls to come and hang out and discuss age-appropriate topics about issues and current events facing girls today. 
Happy Hockey
Advisor: Jennifer Clarke 
Days/Time: Tuesday during recess
Profile: Open to all Woodbury girls. Meet on outside fields. An opportunity to inspire our youth and increase field hockey exposure in a happy, healthy and harmonious environment. 
Homework Collaboration Club (Also homework Buddy Club/ Homework Club/ Homework helpers/ Homework Help)
Advisor: Contact Main Office
Days/Time: Monday – Friday during lunch
Profile: 5th & 6th grade students will have the opportunity to work on homework, projects, etc., with partners, independently or with teacher support. (check Lunch Bunch for specific grades and time)
Jazz Band
Advisor: Mr. Tom Deep – deep_t@shaker.org
Days/Time: Tuesday after school
Profile: Audition required
5th & 6th grade students learn and play various jazz styles. Students must audition by picking up music from the band office. Auditions are held during student’s lunch period. Jazz band members perform with the 6th grade band at both the fall and spring concerts as well as performing at the Shaker Middle School Jazz Band competition.
Lunch Bunch Homework
Advisor: Desmarie Carter - carter_d@shaker.org
Days/Time: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Profile: 6th grade only meet in Room 310. Student may attend to catch up and receive help with homework and additional help on other assignments. 
Model UN
Advisors: Mr. Robert Kaminski – kaminski_r@shaker.org
Days/Time: Tuesday after school
Profile: 5th & 6th grade students become delegates of a selected nation in order to write, present and debate issues affecting the nations and peoples of the world. Students who want to serve as delegates at the Ohio Conference will travel to Columbus once during the year.
Operation Beautiful (Girls Discussion Group)
Advisor: Kim Harris, harris_k@shaker.org
Days/Time: Wednesday after school
Profile: The girls will meet once a week to explore topics related to becoming educated independent young ladies. Once a month, our high school girls will meet with our girls to discuss how to develop a healthy self-image and make positive choices.
Robotics Club
Days/Time: Wednesday after school
Profile: 5th and 6th grade students will build and program Lego Robots with motors and gears that can move cans! Participants will work in teams and compete against each other.
Running Club
Advisors: Mrs. Libby Dang – dang_l@shaker.org
Mrs. Kristina Hayward – hayward_k@shaker.org
Days/Time: Begins in Spring – Tuesday and Wednesday after school
Profile: 5th and 6th grade students. The emphasis is on fitness and creating a positive attitude towards exercise. Students may participate and prepare for a marathon relay in May. Practice is held outside unless there are severe weather conditions so students need to be prepared with proper attire. A permission slip signed by a parent must be returned. Parent volunteers are encouraged to participate in Running Club to assist with the multiple fitness levels.
Safe Space
Days/Times: Monday, 6th Grade Lunch
Profile: 6th grade students who would like a quiet place to chat with friends, play games or Legos or read are welcome.
Scholars Homework Club (5th grade only)
Advisor: Mr. Larry Miller - miller_l@shaker.org
Days/Times: Daily during lunch, Room 329
Profile: 5th grade male scholars will help students with classroom and/or homework assignments. Male scholars will also get help, if needed.  
Science Club
Days/Times: Fall & Spring sessions – Thursdays after school
(Limited space- members chosen by lottery)
Profile: 5th & 6th grade students will explore various areas of science through hands-on experiments and projects over the course of nine weeks. Science Club begins after Science Olympiad tryouts are complete (in October). Student who are interested in participating in Science Club must read and return a signed Information/Interest Form (available online and outside the Science & Design Lab). Returned forms will be entered into the drawing of names for each session.
Science Olympiad
Advisor: Mrs. Jackie Scanlon – scanlon_j@shaker.org
Days/Time: One day per week after school
Profile: Permission slip required – limited space
5th & 6th grade students will try-out to earn a space on the Science Olympiad team, which competes in the Northeast Ohio Science Olympiad Competition in February or March. Informational flyers are available from the Woodbury Science Specialist. An information meeting for students is held once during the 5th and 6th grade lunch periods. Students should listen to morning announcement for meeting time. Students will select 5 events to try out for from an informational packet and are given up to two weeks to prepare for tryouts. Students set their own try out schedule during their lunch period or after school and should listen to announcements for further information. At the completion of tryouts, coaches score the events and team selection is based on point performance. Team selections are completed by the end of October and students are placed in events based on preference, performance, and event schedule the day of the Olympiad. The team meets once per week, unless additional practices are needed prior to competition. Information is available on the Woodbury homepage.
Sketchbook Committee
Advisor: Mrs. Deanna Clemente Milne – clemente_d@shaker.org
Days/Time: Every other Tuesday After School (Week B) – Begins by October 28th
Profile: Sketchbook Committee is looking for 6th graders who have an immense passion for drawing! This club organizes the monthly drawing contests for all of Woodbury! Students will determine the monthly drawing themes, judge the artworks, and create a digital video (that incorporates voice, visual imagery, and music) to showcase the student winners' artworks. Permission slips are available outside the art room doors and online. This club meets every other Tuesday (Tuesdays of Week B) after school (3-3:50 p.m.) and late buses are available. Permission Slips must be turned in by 3 p.m. Friday, October 20, 2017.  To ensure fairness, a lottery system will be used. For any questions, please contact Deanna Clemente Milne. 

Ski/Snow Board Club
Advisors: Mrs. Darlene Lipovic – lipovic_d@shaker.org
Mrs. Sherri Jarvie – jarvie_s@shaker.org
Days/Time: Monday after school – Begins in January
Profile: Registration Required – limited space. 5th & 6th grade students will ride a charter bus to ski/snowboard at Boston Mills Ski Resort for six Mondays beginning in January. This club offers students the opportunity to learn to ski or snowboard through a lesson based program. There will be a cost associated with this club. Registration begins during in October and is on a first come, first serve basis to the first 100 students. Payment is required at the time of registration. There will be an additional fee for the bus.
Student Council
Advisors: Mrs. Heather Pincoe – pincoe_h@shaker.org
Mrs. Betsy Brindza – brindza_b@shaker.org
Days/Time: Meet once a month during school year.
Profile: 5th and 6th grade students have the opportunity to serve as a member of Student Council. Student representatives are selected by peers from each classroom. Classroom Reps attend monthly meetings and report the proceedings back to classrooms. Representatives will assist with various service projects throughout the year. 5th grade students have the opportunity to run for an elected office on the Student Council Leadership Team for the following school year. Students campaign, prepare and present a speech to the 5th grade body and an election is held in May during the lunch period.
Wednesday Wellness Club
Advisor: Mrs. Cheri Shapero, Ms. Maras
Days/Times: Wednesday @ 6th grade recess
Profile: In this club you will learn how to do some simple yoga poses and practice being kinder to yourself and others. So come and relax in a calm, positive space.
Advisor: Nicole Farinacci - farinacci_n@shaker.org
Days/Times: Thursdays after school, Room 244
Profile: Wolfpack is a club for "changemakers." It is a safe place to talk about things that are on your mind and ideas that you might have. No idea is wrong. 
Woodbury Wavemakers
Advisors: Mr. Todd Keitlen – keitlen_t@shaker.org
Mrs. Christine Farren – farren_c@shaker.org
Days/Time: Monday through Friday during lunch
Profile: 6th grade students raise awareness and knowledge in the area of water scarcity all over the world. This program will include fundraising to help build wells in Uganda. It will empower students to help both their local community and worldwide.
Woodbury Woodshed
Advisor: Mr. Daniel DeJohn – dejohn_d@shaker.org
Days/Time: Thursday after school
Profile: 5th & 6th grade students with an interest in “rock” instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums), and to get together and make music. Students will learn how to “jam” with fellow musicians. The students will take time to learn about some of the most influential Rock “n” Roll musicians. Additionally, students will learn to play songs of their choice, as well as scales/chord formations needed to improvise with classmates. Begins Thursday, September 14. Please bring your own guitar.

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