About Woodbury

Woodbury is Shaker’s upper elementary school, serving students in grades 5 and 6. It was constructed in 1918 as Shaker Heights High School. Its distinctive clock tower is a cherished symbol of our community’s tradition of educational excellence. Students from all five K-4 schools come to Woodbury. This is an exciting transition for the students and their parents – a time to make new friends, meet new challenges, and take advantage of Woodbury’s many opportunities for learning and leadership.

Enrollment: Average class size: 24

Woodbury offers a number of activities to promote students’ academic and social growth. All students take language arts, math, social studies, science, health, art, physical education, music, and computer exploration. Advanced programs in language arts and mathematics are offered to nurture extraordinary ability.

The average class size at Woodbury is 24. Many of our teachers work in teams, trading off for math, science, language arts, and social studies, while others teach in a more traditional, self-contained classroom.

In the classroom, the students receive instruction in all the core academic areas, as well as social and self-management skills for lifelong learning. Working with others is a key concept stressed from the beginning of the 5th grade, when each class spends a day at Shaker’s Horseshoe Lake Park, engaging in outdoor team-building challenges.

Organization and independence are also emphasized. Each student receives a Woodbury planner in which he or she is expected to record all assignments and other pertinent information. In this way, students assume responsibility for managing their time and completing their work. The planners also provide a way for teachers and parents to communicate.

Woodbury has an extensive music program. Every student has the opportunity to choose a band or orchestra instrument, to sing with the Woodbury Chorus, to play in a handbell choir, the steeldrum band or the jazz band. The music ensembles meet on a regular schedule during the lunch hour, and lessons are available to all students who play an instrument. Additionally, students may take private lessons at their convenience to further enhance their musical skills. The music programs enjoy great success and growing popularity among students and parents.
Woodbury has a particularly strong science program, with biweekly visits to the science lab. Under the supervision of a full-time science specialist, students perform experiments that allow them to see and experience the concepts they are studying. The program is further enhanced by special trips including an archaeological dig, Sea World, the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes, and the Great Lakes Science Museum.
All Woodbury students enrich their academic experiences through weekly art classes taught by specialists. Projects are thematic in nature and are selected to correspond to what is being studied in other subjects, such as social studies and language arts. A number of media and styles are covered in Woodbury art classes, including stitchery, yarn paintings, line designs, collages, portraits of ancient Egyptians, and book covers.
Woodbury students take physical education twice a week from specialists. Emphasis is placed on learning habits for lifelong health and fitness. Students learn the rules and skills for a number of activities, including tennis, soccer, lacrosse, football, dance, badminton, and basketball. All students also take swimming for a three-week period twice a year in Woodbury’s indoor pool.
All Woodbury students take a biweekly class in computer applications in the school’s PC lab. A technology specialist instructs students in the use of standard word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and Internet applications, which the students use regularly to complete assignments in their other classes.
Woodbury's library boasts an extensive collection of print materials for students’ research and pleasure reading. It also offers a computer mini-lab and online research resources. An enclosed instructional area provides a place for classes to meet and learn progressively sophisticated skills in library use.
Enrichment and social activities are offered during the lunch hour or after school. They include a science club, debate club, drama club, game board club, chess club, computer club and running club. Intramural sports include soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball, and whiffle ball. All of these activities, and more, give the students a well-needed outlet during or at the end of the school day - and help every child find a niche at Woodbury.


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