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Interim Superintendent

100-Day Entry Plan

The Board of Education asks that we continue the work of the District and follow our aspirations of Excellence, Equity, and Exploration. My entry plan increases my awareness and understanding of Shaker Heights City School District – our schools, instructional systems and community. My approach is straightforward: I will look, listen and learn. At the end of this orientation period, I will report my findings to the Board and chart a way ahead towards our purpose to educate every student for high achievement academically, social-emotionally and physically.
Learning Goal 1: Excellence
Determining Critical Needs to Support Student Learning
Objective: To review challenges and opportunities to drive and focus on students’ needs and create a great learning and teaching environment
Excellence - Foundation
Pursuing excellence means to make continuous improvement in all we do. We get better each day by deliberate reflection on our work. It means that we learn from our mistakes. It means that we – the adults – take responsibility to achieve the District vision. Every employee bears a responsibility to get better in all we do. In this effort, I will review instructional, operational and support services; assess school data and student performance; and check the status of professional development. I will also review the budget, technology and capital plans for alignment with District priorities and needs.
Excellence – Actions
1. Implement Year Five of the current strategic plan
2. Support the Chief of Staff to develop community input for the next five-year strategic plan
3. Meet with the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction to better understand the ODE district report card and District academic performance metrics
4. Continue District news of student excellence in the schools
5. Review teacher professional development in content, pedagogy and classroom relationships
6. Attend Shaker Schools Foundation meetings and events
7. Support the Treasurer to field a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to improve financial transactions and human resources operations
Learning Goal 2: Equity
Understanding the opportunity to make our schools great for all students
Objective: To become familiar with the people, processes and community that impact equity in the schools
Equity - Foundation
All students have a civil right to the best public education possible. We must believe that all children can and will learn with the support of caring adults. We must believe in the inherent value of each student and his or her potential for greatness. Students must know what we are committed to their success no matter their background or condition. We must drive – not just strive – to achieve equity because equitable success makes for a great school but also for a great society. Doing so requires that we address and correct inequities to create opportunity by removing barriers, increasing access, and adapting to the learning needs of the individual student. We must weave equity into all facets of our work to make diversity and inclusion real.
Equity - Actions
1. Meet the facilitator(s) for the Equity Task Force (ETF)
2. Attend ETF meetings
3. Support the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction to review student data for:
  • Advanced Placement (AP) (or similar courses)
  • Gifted supports
  • Students with disabilities
  • Guidance counselor case-load
  • Other strategic plan metrics 
4. Review restorative justice practices:
  • Student-to-student supports
  • Teacher development on “trauma-informed” instructional practices
5. Continue the book study(s) of how to conduct an equity audit in each school
6. Encourage principal and teacher dialogue and actions to impact academic performance for all students
7. Continue to promote personalized-learning goals for each student 
Learning Goal 3: Exploration
Understanding Shaker Heights City Schools
Objective: To become familiar with the people, processes and our community
Exploration - Foundation
Exploration means using one’s curiosity to learn about new things by deliberate engagement. All community members have an interest to sustain great schools. I will listen to students, families, staff and other stakeholders. This will help me discover feedback and suggestions for improvement. Understanding and collaborating with stakeholders will help focus resources on students’ educational needs. This work will also help build effective connections through responsive, open and transparent communication practices. It will help engender internal and external trust via a dedicated listening effort. I will discover how to better understand our stakeholders.
Exploration - Actions
1. Publish a “letter to the community” on July 1
2. Meet with each School Board Member about the needs of the District
3. Attend a PTO meet-and-greet session at each school in the first semester
4. Meet the Mayor and city staff, and attend a City Council meeting
5. Meet with the Cuyahoga ESC First-Ring Superintendents’ Collaborative; and the Greater Cleveland Schools Superintendents’ Association
6. Maintain weekly, monthly, quarterly District communications plan
7. Meet regularly with the Student Advisory Council
8. Conduct a listening tour at each school and District office in the first semester
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